Alliance Tech believes innovation can best be deployed not from stand-alone tech providers, but as an integrated part of existing or new ecosystems, usually on a vertical basis. Alliance Tech has developed a set of practice-based methodologies, which we call “Integration Programs.”

Practice-based methodologies

These methodologies include, in particular:

  • Identification and prioritization of unmet market needs and emerging market opportunities
  • Identification of emerging value chains, gaps to be filled in them and critical business- or technological elements.
  • Definition of focused criteria for startup selection according to the above.
  • Design of integration programs to enable new verticals or to fill gaps in existing but transforming value chains.
  • Value measures and return-on-adoption.
  • Identification of industrial or public stakeholders interested in such programs and willing to co-sponsor them, allowing these stakeholders to add their own startups or spinoffs to the program.
  • Implementation of integration programs: scout startups and help them integrate into emerging or existing value chains, preparing for investment by the Fund or syndicated investments along with other funds or stakeholders participating in the integration program.

For faster commercialization of research and technologies, Alliance Tech partners with corporations, financial investors, universities and other stakeholders to build strong flows of “on-demand” high-quality startups according to identified prospective value chains. These flows are generated or supported by in-house or affiliated incubation/acceleration programs, designed to meet stakeholders’ needs.

At the country level, Integration Programs aim to develop innovation ecosystems with a focus on industries that are significant for the local economy – aiming to stimulate its technological transformation while delivering both local growth and global competitiveness. The perspective switches from just creating more startups, and potentially unicorns, to modernising the local economy and creating more jobs in a sustainable perspective.