Alliance Tech offers global acceleration programs for startups from the Eastern part of Europe.

“East-West Acceleration” leverages Western Europe’s compelling advantages in the field of innovation as well as a variety of international networks.

The programs are co-designed with Eastern-European partners to be fully beneficial to the countries of origin.

Key features:
Specially designed for Eastern-European startups

When extending operations to Western countries, startup teams from Eastern Europe often have difficulties to adapt to the local culture and business life, find proper talent, and localize their tech solutions to the local legal and business environment. Unlike most accelerators, East-West Acceleration addresses this specific issue with a dedicated international adaptation program.

Leveraging the best of Western Europe's acceleration capacities

Through strong partnerships in each major market (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK), Alliance Tech works as a gateway for Eastern European players to access to the Western European marketplace.

The organization’s headquarters in France ensure quick and easy connections to all countries of Western Europe and a privileged access to massive benefits available to innovators: 

  • A mature startup infrastructure and ecosystem with numerous accelerators, corporations, local governments and other players
  • Massively available venture capital (Germany and France above €10bn in 2021)
  • Unique research and innovation capacities
  • Abundant HR and business support resources
  • Taxes are higher, but salaries are lower and social benefits are strong
  • France is one of the most generous countries in the world in terms of public support to startups (grants, public co-investing, tax breaks, tax credit to finance R&D…)
  • France is willing to attract international startups and talents, providing them with substantial benefits in terms of visa, work permit facilities, grants, etc.
  • France is geographically, culturally and politically close to Eastern Europe. On the French startup and VC scene, everyone speaks English and regards Eastern European technologies positively!


Going truly global

East-West Acceleration is about entering the global market and penetrating international industry value chains. While leveraging the best of Western Europe’s startup support capacities, East-West Acceleration has a partner network that encompasses a variety of countries across Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

Media acceleration
East-West Acceleration integrates innovators into the global information flows through partnerships with leading global databases, mapping tools and media as well as a unique content marketing, social media and video production know-how.
Co-designed programs
Programs are co-designed, usually on a thematic basis, with partners in Eastern Europe – typically technology parks, universities or local authorities willing to provide their best startups with top-level international development support.
100% remote acceleration

In times of pandemic and travel restrictions, Alliance Tech’s programs are 100% virtualized.